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DELTAPLUS Communicating Polycarbonate Glasses BB-Com

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Product Code: 200957

Communicating polycarbonate glasses. Bluetooth communication with osteophonic technology. Nasal bone conduction microphone allowing the transmission of voice, without addition of other noises. Managing Multiple Bluetooth connections at the same time with the possibility to download the A2DP profile to listen to high quality music.
Included accessories: Interchangeable polycarbonate lens (clear, smoke and yellow). 2 pairs of spare earplugs in silica gel. A rigid case for glasses and accessories. A flexible case for cleaning lens. A cord. 1 screwdriver. A battery charger. Requires 2 rechargeable lithium batteries. Frame: nylon. Earplugs in silica gel. Extractable earplugs dual function : Earphone + earplug (SNR 21 dB). Computer and networks: Can be connected to a computer via a Bluetooth connection for use as a headset. Compatible with all messaging systems (MSN, Yahoo, Skype etc). Weight: 72 g.
Conforming to EN 166 CE, EN 170 CE, EN 172 CE, EN 352-2 CE.