Head protection

DELTAPLUS Dual-Shell Safety Helmet With Retractable Visor ONYX

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Product Code: 2003

ABS dual shell safety helmet with PC retractable visor. Sport and dynamic design. 3 textile straps with 6 fixing points. Foam sweat band. One-D Rotor clamping system: head size 53 to 63 cm. 2 possible positions of the headband (top/low) for a better comfort. Retro-reflective stickers. Electrical insulation up to 1 000 V.A.C. or 1 500 V.D.C, protection against arc fault Class 1 (GS-ET 29). Visor with anti-Fog N and anti-scratch K treatments and protection against electrical arcs, and molten metals or hot liquids projections.
Conforming to  EN 397, EN50365, EN 166, EN 170 CE.