Fall arrest devices

DELTAPLUS Fall Arrester Harness LYNX HAR35

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Product Code: 2076

Two colour harness for rope access work, with sit harness. 2 fall arrester anchorage points (back - front). 10 adjustment buckles, including 2 automatic buckles, 4 irremovable buckles, and 2 removable buckles to adjust or remove the shoulder straps to get only a sit harness (Can only be used as a harness for positioning work). Positioning and seat belt with thermocompressed back and thighs. 120° rotation. 2 work positioning anchorage points (lateral). 1 suspension point (ventral). 1 automatic carabiner. Soft padding on shoulders and thigh straps.
Straps: Polyester.
Belt: Polyamide/XPE foam.
Conforming to EN361 : 2002, EN358 : 1999, EN813 : 2008 CE