Respiratory protection

Respirator with exhaust valve FFP2 (set=10pcs.)

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Product Code: 2081

Respirators class FFP2 are designed to protect respiratory system against harmful effect of dusts, solid and liquid aerosols, where Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) is higher than 0.05 mg/m3, provided that the concentration of dispersed phase of aerosol should not exceed 10x OEL. Respirator fitted with adjustable head band. Examples of application: medium toxic solids, asbestos, copper, barium, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, hardwood, coal dust with free silica content exceeding 10%, mining industry, chemical industry, metallurgic industry, welding, soldering, respirable dusts.
Conforming to EN 149:2001 + A1:2009