Respiratory protection

POLYGARD half face mask + P2 and ABEK1 combined filters

24.99€ Tax incl.


Product Code: 2085

The mask (composed of face mask and two filters) covers the user's nose, mouth and beard and is manufactured of strong, lightweight materials that are non-hazardous for health and hygiene.The mask is made of flexible rubber. Both the material and its shape and dimensions allow a snug, leakproof fit, thereby preventing air leaks toward the inside where the mask touches the face. The mask has a centre hole to house the exhalation valve holder plus two additional holes on the sides to adjust the connectors for the inhalation valves.The mask is equipped with an exhalation valve that allows the air to be expelled easily when breathing. The mask harness is manufactured of die-injected black high-density polyethylene and covers the entire front of the mask body. This design ensures that the force exerted by the elastic straps is evenly distributed over the entire mask body for a snug, comfortable fit. Pair of ABEK screw filters for organic gases and vapors, acid gases and ammonia. Amazing value and simple to fit.
Conforming to  EN 140:1999, EN 143:2000/A1:2006, EN 14387:2004/A1:2008.