Respiratory protection

3M respirator FFP1 9312 (set=10pcs.)

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Product Code: 2033

Respirators class FFP1 are designed to protect respiratory system against harmful effect of dusts, solid and liquid aerosols, where Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) is higher or equal to 2 mg/m3, provided that the concentration of dispersed phase of aerosol should not exceed 4x OEL. Application examples: nontoxic dusts, food industry, agriculture, application in quarries, cement institutions, wood industry witch soft wood processing(coniferous), and particularly to such dusts as calcium carbonate, natural and synthetic graphite, plaster, chalk, cement, marble, vegetable dusts, cellulose, sulphur, cotton, filings of iron metals, coal dust containing less than 10 % of free silicon.
Conforming to  EN 149 CE.