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COFRA boots with chainsaw cut protection POWER S3 WR HRO SRC

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Product Code: 1047

The Chainsaw Boots protect feet as required by EN 381 Class 2. Water resistant leather upper with breathable lining. The front part of the foot (that most likely to be injured) is protected by a hidden layer of fibres which clog and stop the chain in the event of an accident. Class II boots will arrest a chainsaw with a chain speed of up to 24m/s. Extremely light and comfortable with built in metatarsal support for all day use. Cofra Power chainsaw boots also have a full composite midsole protecting the sole from injury. A tough self cleaning outsole provides good grip on all terrains. A rubber scuff cap on the toe provides additional protection and prevents wear.
Conforming to EN 17249 CE,  EN 381 CE